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Visionary goals together


The focus is on strategy consulting, as-is analysis and the selection of suitable systems.
Blueprint, specification “Light” and a feasibility study (POC) are important building blocks for a successful implementation.
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Using potentials


The new authoring system is individually adapted to your needs.
Integration with your existing systems and migration of legacy data are further aspects to ensure significant added value for you.
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Complex standards made simple

Software Development

With our approach, we optimize extensive standards for various industries and make them available for different systems.
Examples are adjustments to the DITA data structure and the introduction of a powerful metadata concept.
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High availability


Whether cloud or on-premise, we offer you services to enable the best performance with little effort on your part.
Hardware scaling, security patches and backups are important areas that we can carry out for you.
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One contact


With customer-specific support contracts, we provide support for the entire solution, not just for standard software.
We offer a hotline, web sessions and on-site support and guarantee response times for each contract.
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Short learning time


Learning paths are adapted to the users (e.g. editors, developers, system administrators) and the implemented overall solution.
This enables the new solution to be used efficiently within a short period of time.
Industry-wide know-how for intelligent documentation



We have decades of experience in the field of intelligent documentation. Our experts create maximum added value for you in a new solution.

Based on efficient standards & technologies, we work with you to develop optimized processes in order to successfully realize the vision.

Regardless of the challenges you face, we support you from a single source. This guarantees the maximum impact of new and innovative projects.

DITAprime® CREATE & Professional Services

Our solution



DITAprime® CREATE is a powerful overall solution from DITAprime® GmbH for creating technical documentation easily, cost-effectively and in compliance with the law.
The professional system is introduced quickly and delivers significant added value throughout the documentation process. Editors receive ideal support for creation, administration and publication in different media and across many languages.
Lengthy and cost-intensive system conversion projects, which are common with traditional XML editing systems and CCMS solutions, are therefore a thing of the past. The same applies to proprietary approaches.
DITAprime® CREATE builds on purely DITA-based tools. MadCap IXIA CCMS plays the central role. The company has been the technology leader in the field of component content management software (CCMS) for more than 20 years and is supplemented with the currently best rated software products such as Oxygen XSL Editor.
DITAprime® CREATE combines these tools into a powerful overall solution. An extended basic configuration, easily adaptable layouts and a standard library with the most important safety and warning signs enable you to work with state-of-the-art software for your Technical Documentation.

DITAprime® Professional Services

With it's Professional Services DITAprime® offers project-specific extensions to the DITAprime® CREATE overall solution. With these optional “ready-to-use” tools your additional requirements are ideally implemented.
On request DITAprime® Professional Services provides the followng tools to complement DITAprime® CREATE:

DITAprime® CREATE & DITAprime® Professional Services

With introductory and training packages, we enable you to start production quickly. In addition, we provide you with the knowledge to adapt layouts and configurations for future requirements yourself.
Our extensive SaaS offer frees you from all problems related to hardware and software. Of course, your data is safe in terms of the European Data Protection Act. Ofcourse, comprehensive data backup is also taken care of.
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IXIAshows Webinar: Propel your CCMS Deployment to the Finish Line in 8 Weeks!

You missed our Webinar with MadCap? No problem. You can get the recording from October 13th 2022 here:

Get the recording at MadCap.

With whom we work together


Logo Antenna Nouse Inc.
Antenna House is a leader in PDF document formatting and conversion with enterprise tools for paged content delivery across all industries worldwide. Clients worldwide use AH Formatter to automate producing high-quality PDF publications from XML or HTML.
Based on the W3C recommendations for XSL-FO and CSS, this powerful publishing engine from Antenna House can format documents in over 70 languages.
Today, it produces millions of pages daily in a wide range of industries including financial services, aerospace/defense, auto, telecommunications, and health care.
Logo Congree Language Technologies GmbH
Congree Language Technologies GmbH, a software manufacturer in the field of authoring assistance, delivers the leading technology for content optimization. The Congree Authoring Server assists corporate writers in the composition of consistent texts. For private use and small professional things, Congree provides WhatImean, a freely accessible platform.
Apart from the reuse of existing wording and a comprehensive terminology component, the software features a Language Check that is based on many years of research. Congree adapts to your mode of operation in your usual editor and does not disrupt workflows or constrain you in your work.
Logo Fluid Topics
Fluid Topics turns your technical content into engaging user experiences.
User guides, reference manuals, installation and maintenance manuals and knowledge bases aren’t merely product documentation – they are also tools for winning business, fostering product adoption, and boosting operational efficiency.
Fluid Topics is the leading Content Delivery Platform for technical documentation. It collects content from existing sources, transforms it into actionable information, and makes it accessible to users, applications and processes.
Unlock your content and power your business with Fluid Topics.
Logo infinity-loop GmbH
Founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the TU München infinity-loop provides upCast as the Swiss army knife for processing MS Word and (un-)structured document content from many sources.
Offering a broad range of functionality and its own programming language UPL optimized to handle complex semantic recognition tasks, upCast is used to automatically analyze and convert complex data into valuable semantically structured XML documents in any desired document schema. And from there to many different output formats.
Founded in 1998, IXIASOFT a subsidiary of MadCap Software, is a trusted leader in component content management software (CCMS). Our award-winning, end-to-end product IXIA CCMS provides an innovative and enterprise-class platform to Fortune 500 companies across the globe.
IXIA CCMS is used by industry leaders like Mastercard, SAP®, ADP, Ericsson, and Komatsu. The CCMS is effective in decreasing localization costs, improving collaboration between SMEs and reviewers, and producing coherent, personalized technical content to customers.
Our solution is accessed by thousands of users in a variety of vertical markets, including software, semiconductors, medical device manufacturing. IXIA CCMS is one of the only 100% DITA-compliant CCMSs among the market’s leading platforms.
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